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Health & Education

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Diabetes, cancer, and cardio-vascular disease have emerged as serious public health problems in developing countries, as they have made strides in fighting communicable diseases.
IFC will invest $10 million in equity to support the expansion of Bridge International Academies, a provider of high-quality primary and pre-primary education for children from poor families.
This year’s theme, Rethinking Education, Shaping the Future, will highlight how technologies, applications, and innovations in education delivery and results measurement are giving us new tools for broadening access to education...
Hari Prasad, CEO of the Central Region for Apollo Hospitals Group in India, sees an opportunity to take his company's successful inclusive business model to Tanzania.
IFC will invest $5 million to support the expansion of Coursera, a global platform for free online education classes that holds great potential for promoting access to high-quality university and vocational education.

Health and Education

IFC is the world’s largest multilateral investor in the private health care and education sectors in emerging markets. We consider them priority sectors and support their growth in developing countries in a sustainable and socially responsible way that helps improve the lives of people, many of whom do not have access to quality health care or education.

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