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Stora China III – Early Disclosure


Through this Early Disclosure, IFC provides access, early in its environmental and social assessment process, to the draft Environmental and Social Assessment (EA) document(s). These document(s) have been prepared by the client and should not be taken as an indication that IFC has completed its review of the potential investment. The purpose of this Early Disclosure is to enhance the transparency of IFC’s activities with reference to those projects or investments with potential significant adverse environmental and social risks and/or impacts. Any project documentation or data included or attached herein has been prepared and authorized for public release by the client.


The disclosure of the EA document(s) should not be construed as presuming the outcome of IFC’s review of the potential investment or the decision of its Board of Directors. An updated version of these document(s) reviewed by IFC may be disclosed at a later stage. In addition, prior to any consideration of the investment by IFC’s Board of Directors, the Summary of Investment Information (SII) and the Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) would be disclosed.


Project number 27286 Early disclosure date June 12, 2012
Company name Stora Enso Pulp & Paper Asia AB Projected board date  October 18, 2012
Country China    
Sector J-AA-Pulp Mills    
Provisional Environmental Category A - Significant    
Department CMGAF    
Region East Asia and the Pacific    



Project Description


The Project is to build plantation-based integrated board and pulp mills at Beihai city in Guangxi, southern China. The mill site will initially include a 450 000 tons per year state-of-the-art paperboard machine and pulp capacity of 900 000 tons per year, including necessary energy plant and auxiliary facilities. In a unique set-up, the board and pulp mills will be self-sufficiently integrated with wood supply from 120 000 hectares of self-managed eucalyptus plantations. The ultimate target is to expand the paperboard capacity to 900 000 tons at a later stage. The project will serve the fast-growing market for liquid packaging board and other premium consumer board grades.


The project investment will be approximately EUR 1.6 billion. The project will be financed through a combination of debt and equity on an approximately 60/40 basis. The debt financing is expected to be a mix of export credit agency, multilateral and commercial bank debt. The investment is subject to regulatory approvals, the signing of final documentation and other customary conditions precedent.  Construction at the industrial site will commence when the mentioned preconditions have been fulfilled, which is expected to be in the second half of 2012. Production is scheduled to start in the fourth quarter of 2014.


Stora Enso Pulp & Paper Asia AB (the “Company”) will implement the Project through three subsidiaries: two will be 85% owned by the Company and 15% owned by the Guangxi Forestry Group, a state-owned company under the Guangxi provincial government. Stora Enso Oyj is the Sponsor and Guarantor of the Project.



Client's Contact Information

Anders Bergkvist
Head of  M&A and Corporate Finance, Stora Enso OYJ



Environmental Assessment Attachments


The 900,000 Ton Pulp and 900,000 Ton Paper and Cardboard Project  of Stora Enso (Guangxi) Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. - Environmental Impact Report Volumes I to III date October 2008
Maps supporting the 900,000 Ton Pulp and 900,000 Ton Paper and Cardboard Project  of Stora Enso (Guangxi) Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd.
Stora Enso (Guangxi) Forest,  Pulp and Paper Company Ltd., 900,000 T/a of Pulp,  900000 T/a of Paper and Paper Board Project – Raw Material Forest Base - Environmental Impact Assesment dated  April 2008
UNDP’s Environmental and Social impact analysis (“ESIA”) conducted in 2006 (Executive Summary)


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