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IFC's Disclosure Policy Advisor

IFC's Disclosure Policy Advisor

IFC is committed to transparency and accountability. To ensure that the appropriate IFC disclosure guidelines are followed, IFC has appointed a senior official to serve as the Disclosure Policy Advisor.

If a requester believes that a request for information from IFC has been unreasonably denied, or that the Policy has been interpreted incorrectly, an additional inquiry may be submitted to IFC's Disclosure Policy Advisor, who reports directly to IFC's Executive Vice President.


Role of the Disclosure Policy Advisor

The Disclosure Policy Advisor will review the additional inquiry and endeavor to respond to the requester within 30 calendar days of its receipt, unless additional time is required depending on the scope or complexity of the inquiry.

The Advisor will inform the requester and IFC of his conclusions in writing and will explain the reasons for such conclusions.

In conducting his review the Advisor may, if he deems it necessary or appropriate, consult with third parties including IFC's client.

For additional information, please refer to paragraphs 8, 9, 10, and 27 of the
Disclosure Policy.


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