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Advisory Results

Our experience shows that companies need more than financial investment to thrive.

To help the private sector in emerging markets, IFC provides advice, problem solving, and training to companies, industries, and governments.

Investment Climate

IFC helps governments implement reforms that improve the business environment and encourage and retain investment, thereby fostering competitive markets, growth, and job creation. We also help resolve legal and policy weaknesses that inhibit investment. 

At the end of FY13, IFC had an active portfolio of 143 investment-climate projects in 65 countries, valued at $288.9 million. In FY13, our advisory program expenditures in these projects totaled $74.8 million, of which 76 percent was in IDA countries, and 29 percent was in fragile and conflict-affected areas.

Project Expenditures by Product

Investment Climate

Investment Climate: Selected 2012 Highlights

We helped governments in 43 countries adopt 76 investment climate reforms (55 reforms in IDA countries, including 26 reforms in fragile and conflict-affected situations).
Of the 76 reforms, 14 supported entrepreneurs with starting a business; 12 helped businesses comply with license and permit requirements; and five were agribusiness-sector reforms.
We helped governments with industry-level reform and investment promotion, resulting in an estimated $750 million in new investments.

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