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Second Sustainability Circle

Second Sustainability Circle, IFC donors, clients and partners, The Hague, Netherlands, February 10-11, 2014. Mary Porter Peschka, Acting Director, Sustainable Business Advisory, first row second from the left. (Photo Credit: Rolf Kruger, Netherlands)



On February 10 and 11, 2014, more than 50 donors, IFC clients and other partners, united for the second Sustainability Circle in the Hague in the Netherlands. View the full participants list here.


The purpose of this gathering was to discuss how we can best scale up innovative private sector solutions to some of the most pressing development challenges of our time.


View the meeting presentation of the opening session on results in FY13 here.


Read a full summary report on the second Sustainability Circle 2014.




Key questions on the agenda included:


  • What will it take to transform the garment and textile sector in Bangladesh into a sustainable sector – with safer factories, better working conditions and cleaner production?


  • What is the optimal strategy to unlock the leadership of the private sector and other stakeholders for sustainable water resources management at the sub-basin level?


  • What will it take to develop sustainable food supply chains to feed 9 billion people by 2050?


Panelists and participants from H&M, C&A, the ILO, the Tata Group, Grundfos, Rabobank, FMO, IDH, and Jain Irrigation, as well as the governments of Austria, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland were amongst the attendees.





The event was hosted by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The venue for the first day was the Hampshire Hotel – Babylon den Haag and the venue for the second day was the Van Kleffenszaal in the Ministry. For more information about the venue and logistics click here.


Background Materials


IFC Advisory Services in Sustainable Business - 2013 Annual Review. This report presents the performance of IFC’s Sustainable Business Advisory during fiscal year 2013 and highlights recent projects and achievements as well as lessons learned and strategic priorities.

IFC's Knowledge Paper on Participatory Watershed Governance will underpin our session on Financing Collective Water Stewardship and Water Efficiency in Supply Chains.

IFC's Standards Study - Building a roadmap to sustainability in agro-commodity production - will guide our discussion for the panel on Sustainable Sourcing in Agribusiness Supply Chains.



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