Handbook for Preparing a Resettlement Action Plan

100 pages | © March 2002 IFC | Complimentary


Handbook for Preparing a Resettlement Action PlanA project that involves involuntary resettlement — the economic and/or physical displacement of people — represents a significant challenge for IFC. Without proper planning and management, involuntary resettlement may result in long-term hardship for affected people and environmental damage to the locations in which they are resettled. The purpose of this handbook is to provide guidance to project sponsors in complying with World Bank Group's policy on Involuntary Resettlement (OD 4.30) and in preparation of a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP).


Divided into four sections, Part I outlines the scope of OD 4.30's application and identifies situations that require specific and detailed consultation between project sponsors and IFC's social development specialists. Part II describes the fundamental principles, procedures and requirements of RAP preparation and provides examples of survey instruments and summary data tables. Part III is a checklist that identifies the sequence of actions that IFC's specialists in reviewing the preparation, implementation and evaluation of a RAP. Part IV provides a detailed outline of a RAP that can be adapted to meet the requirements of specific projects.


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