IFC Advisory Services in Sustainable Business: 2012 Annual Review

140 pages | © November 2012 IFC | Complimentary


2012 SBA Donor ReportThe 2012 Annual Review of IFC's Advisory Services in Sustainable Business highlights the results of IFC's work to promote good corporate governance and strategic community investments; advance women entrepreneurs, small scale farms and firms; and engage the private sector in climate change solutions.


This is the first annual review since the Board endorsed a new strategic orientation for IFC's Advisory Services in Sustainable Business and adopted the new multi-donor Facility in 2011. It shows that our efforts are off to a good start: the portfolio is on track, performance ratings are solid, and cost efficiency is steady.


Sustainable Business Advisory has grown, become more focused, and zeroed in on delivering concrete value in areas that are critical to deliver on the future we want—helping drive sustainable business practices and creating opportunities for more women and men.


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