Projects and People: A Handbook for Addressing Project-Induced In-Migration

Part 1 - The business case for addressing project-induced in-migration

The business case for addressing project-induced in-migration. This part describes the main business-related impacts of project-induced in-migration, and discusses the trade-offs between proactive and reactive management of its associated impacts.

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Part 2 - Understanding Project-induced In-migration

The project-induced in-migration phenomenon. This part first considers the dynamics of project-induced in-migration, and then discusses its potential environmental and social impacts. A final section considers the unique aspects of in-migration in relation to artisanal and small-scale mining, resettlement, indigenous peoples, areas of high biodiversity value and cultural heritage.

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Part 3 - Risk Assessment

The assessment of the probability of project-induced in-migration and the risks that such in-migration poses to a project. Beginning with basic tools to assess the probability of and the risks posed by in-migration, this part of the document identifies the requirements for a situation analysis as a basis for developing a project-specific influx-management strategy and plan.

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Part 4 - Management Approaches

Management approaches. A comprehensive description of potential management approaches, including approaches to reducing in-migration, managing its footprint, enhancing its positive impacts, and preventing and mitigating its negative impacts. Interventions supporting each of these approaches are described.

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Part 5 - Strategy Development and Integration into the Project

Once a project recognizes risk and management is aware of and understands potential management approaches, the next steps involve developing a management strategy and integrating it into the project. This part helps users answer key questions in the development of a strategy and plan.

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Additional information and document templates, including: assessment and mitigation of the risk of health impacts; Terms of Reference for an influx risk assessment and situation analysis and an influx management strategy/plan; analysis of predicted environmental and social impacts; outline of an influx management strategy and implementation plan; and project approaches to the management of in-migration.

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Case studies

Chad Cameroon Pipeline Project [PDF]