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Capitalizing on Biodiversity Business Opportunities

How can I capitalize on the business opportunities associated with biodiversity maintenance and protection?

While risk management is still a primary reason for addressing biodiversity issues in business, there is also an evolving set of opportunities for the private sector to capitalize on biodiversity values. International and national legislative drivers and changing consumer demands and expectations are contributing to the rapid rise of new market opportunities for businesses to capture value from biodiversity-related goods and services, while at the same time providing important public goods through biodiversity conservation and social benefits.

Biodiversity-based markets are likely to expand fastest and have the greatest impacts in emerging markets, which are home to a significant percentage of the world's unique and threatened biodiversity. Businesses may also find important opportunities to partner with development agencies in these markets, to capitalize on alternative mechanisms for funding conservation. In all cases, it is important to remember that good businesses based on biodiversity values need to be, first and foremost, good businesses. Strong business fundamentals and capabilities should underpin any business activities aimed at sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity, or partnerships with local communities.

Businesses can access three types of markets to capitalize on opportunities that arise from business activities which promote biodiversity protection and maintenance:


 Diagram of market opportunities arising from biodiversity protection and sustainable use