IFC Sustainability Framework - 2006 Edition

IFC has a long history with environmental and social standards. The institution adopted its Environmental and Social Safeguard Policies and its Disclosure Policy in 1998. In 2006, IFC adopted the Sustainability Framework, which articulates IFC's strategic commitment to sustainable development and is an integral part of our approach to risk management.

The 2006 edition of IFC's Sustainability Framework applies to investments that go through IFC's initial credit review process from April 30, 2006 to December 31, 2011.

The Sustainability Framework has been updated following an 18-month consultation process with stakeholders around the world.

The 2012 edition of IFC's Sustainability Framework applies to all investment and advisory clients whose projects go through IFC's initial credit review process after January 1, 2012.


IFC Policies and Procedures


Policy on Social and Environmental Sustainability: Defines IFC's responsibility in supporting project performance in partnership with clients.

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Environmental & Social Review Procedures Manual: Defines management-approved tasks to achieve client compliance with the Policy and Performance Standards on Social and Environmental Sustainability, Access to Information Policy, and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Guidelines.

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Policy on Disclosure of Information: Defines IFC's obligations to disclose information about itself as an institution and its activities.

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Resources for Clients


Performance Standards: Defines client roles and responsibilities for managing projects and requirements for IFC support; includes disclosure requirements. Available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, and Chinese.

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Guidance Notes: Companion documents to the Performance Standards providing guidance to clients (and IFC staff) in meeting the standards. Available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Chinese.

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Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Guidelines: Technical guidance on environmental, health and safety issues, such as ambient air quality, chemical hazards, and disease prevention.

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IFC Exclusion List: Defines the types of projects that IFC does not finance. Learn more about the IFC Exclusion List »

Background information on the 2006 Environmental and Social Standards: (Note: The following resources were developed when the Standards were adopted in 2006)

For information on the 1998 Safeguards and Disclosure Policies and previous editions of EHS Guidelines and Guidance Notes, etc., please view our page on Pre-2006 Safeguards. Please note that earlier versions of these materials are for informational purposes only. Only investments made prior to April 30, 2006 are subject to the Safeguard Policies.


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