Sustainable Banking Network – Members

The Sustainable Banking Network (SBN) is open to all banking and/or financial regulatory bodies and banking associations that have an interest in policies, guidelines and related initiatives to support the financial sector to adopt environmental and social risk management and green lending. Core members are banking regulatory bodies.

The SBN welcomes regulators, officials, and specialists to join at any time and encourages them to share experiences, learn from others, and to benefit from Network activities.

To join the Sustainable Banking Network (SBN), please contact IFC’s SBN Coordinator. An invitation letter will be sent to authorized representatives of the potential member institution. Upon written acceptance of the invitation, IFC will then confirm SBN membership in writing. The membership is free and does not constitute any legal obligation or formal commitment to undertake regulatory actions.


Institution Category Country Region Year of Joining
Bank of Bangladesh Banking Regulator Bangladesh Asia 2012
Bank of Lao PDR Banking Regulator Lao PDR Asia 2012
Bank of Mongolia Banking Regulator Mongolia Asia 2012
China Banking Regulatory Commission Banking Regulator China Asia 2012
China Ministry of Environmental Protection Environmental Regulator China Asia 2012
Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (Indonesia Financial Services Authority) Banking Regulator Indonesia Asia 2012
State Bank of Vietnam Banking Regulator Vietnam Asia 2012
Thai Bankers Association Banking Association Thailand Asia 2012
Vietnam Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment Environmental Regulator Vietnam Asia 2012
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines) Banking Regulator Philippines Asia 2013
Department of Environmental and Natural Resources of the Philippines (DENR) Environmental Regulator Philippines Asia 2013
Mongolia Bankers Association Banking Association Mongolia Asia 2013
Mongolia Ministry of Environment and Green Development Environmental Regulator Mongolia Asia 2013
China Banking Association Banking Association China Asia 2014
Nepal Rastra Bank Banking Regulator Nepal Asia 2014
Association of Banks in Cambodia Banking Association Cambodia Asia 2016
Central Bank of Sri Lanka Banking Regulator Sri Lanka Asia 2016
Indian Banks Association Banking Association India Asia 2016
Union of Banks of Kyrgyzstan Banking Association Kyrgyzstan Asia 2018
Central Bank of Nigeria Banking Regulator Nigeria Africa 2012
Kenya Bankers Association Banking Association Kenya Africa 2015
Bank of Ghana Banking Regulator Ghana Africa 2016
Ghana Association of Bankers Banking Association Ghana Africa 2016
Banking Association South Africa (BASA) Banking Association South Africa Africa 2016
Central Bank of Morocco Banking Regulator Morocco EMENA 2014
State Bank of Pakistan Banking Regulator Pakistan EMENA 2015
Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency of Turkey (BRSA) Banking Regulator Turkey EMENA 2015
Central Bank of Jordan Banking Regulator Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan EMENA 2016
Federation of Egyptian Banks (FEB) Banking Association Egypt EMENA 2016
National Bank of Georgia Banking Regulator Georgia EMENA 2017
Moroccan Capital Market Authority (AMMC) Banking Regulator Morocco EMENA 2018
Central Bank of Iraq Banking Regulator Iraq EMENA 2019
Central Bank of Egypt Banking Regulator Egypt EMENA 2019
Asobancaria (Banking Association of Colombia) Banking Association Colombia Latin America 2012
Central Bank of Brazil Banking Regulator Brazil Latin America 2012
Superintendence of Banks, Insurers, and Private Pension Funds of Peru (SBS) Banking Regulator Peru Latin America 2013
Honduran Banking Association (Ahiba) Banking Association Honduras Latin America 2015
National Commission on Banking and Insurance (CNBS) Banking Regulator Honduras Latin America 2015
Sustainable Finance Round Table Banking Association Paraguay Latin America 2015
ADEBA – Asociacion de Bancos Argentinos (Banking Association of Argentina) Banking Association Argentina Latin America 2016
Asobancos – Associacion de Bancos del Ecuador (Banking Association of Ecuador) Banking Association Ecuador Latin America 2016
Central Bank of Paraguay Banking Regulator Paraguay Latin America 2016
Federation of Latin American Banks (FELABAN) Federation of Regional Banking Associations & Agencies Latin America Latin America 2016
Mexican Bankers Association (ABM) Banking Association Mexico Latin America 2016
Semarnat (Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources) of Mexico Environmental Regulator Mexico Latin America 2016
Superintendence of Banks and Financial Institutions of Chile (SBIF) Banking Regulator Chile Latin America 2016
Panama Banking Association (ABP as per its acronym in Spanish) Banking Association Panama Latin America 2017
Brazilian Federation of Banks (FEBRABAN) Banking Federation Brazil Latin America 2017
Commercial Banks Association of the Dominican Republic (ABA) Banking Association Dominican Republic Latin America 2017
Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia (SFC, Financial Superintendence of Colombia) Banking Regulator Colombia Latin America 2018
General Superintendency of Financial Institutions of Costa Rica (SUGEF) Banking Regulator Costa Rica Latin America 2019
Reserve Bank of Fiji Banking Regulator Fiji Pacific 2017
Central Bank of Samoa Banking Regulator Samoa Pacific 2019