Necessary Ambition – An SBN Task Force Report

June 22, 2020 - We are delighted to release the report: Necessary Ambition: How Low-Income Countries Are Adopting Sustainable Finance to Address Poverty, Climate Change, and Other Urgent Challenges, along with its 16 case studies, 8 country reports, and a set of tools to support decisions in developing and implementing sustainable finance roadmaps. This is the first comprehensive review of drivers and innovation behind market-level efforts to promote sustainable finance in low-income countries.

The study finds that sustainable finance has emerged as a pathway for low-income countries to de-risk investments and enable the financial flows needed to support climate action and sustainable development. SBN countries recognize that transitioning to sustainable financial systems is critical to their futures.

8 Country Reports

SBN Contact: SBN Secretariat

Media Contact: Kathryn Graczyk