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Activities and Events

Read about the latest SBN and our member countries’ activities and developments in the SBN 2021 March Quarterly Update. Find the previous SBN Updates here.

The SBN Global Meetings are the principal space for dialogue, networking, and knowledge generation. These meetings provide SBN members with a platform to showcase national initiatives in the sustainable banking space, to discuss current issues, and to develop new approaches to sustainable banking. The following meetings have taken place to date:


2019 Sustainable Banking Network 6th Global Meeting

Location: Washington, DC, USA| Date: April 10-11, 2019 | Resources: Agenda, Video, Summary of Highlights

2017 Sustainable Banking Network 5th Global Meeting

Location: Washington, DC, USA| Date: October 16-17, 2017 | Resources: Agenda, Summary of Highlights

2016 International Sustainable Finance Forum

Location: Bali, Indonesia | Date: December 1-2, 2016 | Resources:  Press coverage, Agenda, Summary of Highlights

International Sustainable Finance Forum co-hosted by IFC and the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and Private Pension Fund Administrators (SBS) of Peru

Location: Lima, Peru | Date: September 2015 | Resources: eBook, Video, Highlights, Press coverage, Event photo

International Sustainable Banking Forum co-hosted by IFC and Central Bank of Nigeria

Location: Lagos, Nigeria | Date: March 2014 | Resources:  eBook, Video, Agenda & Presentations

International Sustainable Banking Conference co-hosted by IFC and Bangladesh Bank

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh | Date: November 2013

1st International Green Credit Forum co-hosted by IFC and China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC)

Location: Beijing, China | Date: May 2012 | Resources: eBook, Video


SBN in the News

SBN 2nd Global Progress Report



Press Releases

  • Central Bank Launches a Roadmap for Sustainable Finance in Sri Lanka [Link]
  • National Bank of Georgia Launches Roadmap for Sustainable Finance in Georgia [Link]
  • Association of Banks in Cambodia Launches Sustainable Finance Principles [Link]
  • IFC and Bank of Lao PDR Discuss the Benefits of Green Credit Policy [Link]
  • Central Bank, IFC Partner to Promote Sustainable and Inclusive Finance in Sri Lanka [Link]
  • BSP and IFC to Strengthen Corporate, Environmental and Social Governance in the Banking Sector [Link]
  • Nepal Rastra Bank, IFC Partner to Promote Sustainable and Inclusive Finance [Link]
  • Kenya and Mongolia Sign MoU to Promote Sustainable Finance [Link]
  • Mongolia and Cambodia Partner to Promote Sustainable Finance [Link]
  • IFC Supports Bank of Jiangsu to Adopt the Equator Principles [Link]
  • IFC-Supported Sustainable Banking Network Leads Expansion of Sustainable Finance in Emerging Markets [Link]
  • SBN Press Release, G20 Calls on IFC-supported SBN to 'Green' Trillions in Global Finance [PDF]