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Feb 5, 2020

Ashesi University

Ashesi University was established to develop entrepreneurial and ethical leaders with the skills to tackle Africa’s pressing challenges and the integrity to shun corruption. Since opening in 2002, Ashesi has taken on a leadership role to promote quality tertiary education and to encourage more centers of excellence in Africa.

Dec 12, 2018

Goodlife Pharmacy

Goodlife Pharmacy offers safe, high-quality medicine to consumers in Kenya and Uganda, including lower-income 'emerging consumers'. Ultimately, Goodlife aims to become a health hub—a one-stop-shop to meet basic primary health care needs through pharmaceuticals and health care services. In the four years since it was founded in 2014, Goodlife has become East Africa’s largest pharmacy chain.

Apr 12, 2018

Eurasia University

Xi’an Eurasia University provides high-quality, employment-focused private education in Shaanxi, China and is changing the perception of privately-run tertiary education in the country. With an education philosophy to maximize the employment potential of its students, Eurasia is committed to offering a combination of an applied curriculum and student-centered learning with hands-on industry experience. In 2016, 85 percent of students secured a job prior to graduation.

Jan 31, 2018


Luminus Education is committed to transforming technical and vocational education (TVET) in Jordan and advancing the Education 4 Employment philosophy. Based in the region with the highest youth unemployment rate in the world, Luminus offers high-quality, market-oriented programs and recognizes that equipping Jordanian youth with vocational skills is important for both economic and security reasons.

Apr 26, 2017


salauno’s mission is to “eliminate needless blindness in Mexico” by providing affordable and accessible eye care services to patients of all income levels. In the first five years since its founding in 2011, the company has provided eye care to over 230,000 people and grown from one surgical center in Mexico City into a network of ten mid-sized Diagnostic Centers with a staff of over 200, offering a range of services throughout the Mexico City Metropolitan Area and the broader Valley of Mexico. For more information on salauno visit their website at

Mar 1, 2017

Corporación Grupo Fybeca S.A. (GPF)

Fybeca a pharmaceutical retailer with a history of innovation, saw an opportunity to complement its high-end pharmacy chain, Fybeca, with a down market chain so that customers could access quality medicines at economical prices. In 2000, GPF launched SanaSana — its first pharmacy for low-income customers.

Sep 16, 2016


NephroCare Health Services Private Limited (NephroPlus) is a provider network of kidney dialysis services across 15 states in India. Founded in 2010, NephroPlus delivers these services in large metropolitan areas as well as underserved, small cities at prices that are 30 to 40 percent lower than hospitals. As of 2015, the company has 75 centers across India that service more than 6,000 patients and provide approximately 50,000 dialysis treatments each month. This case study is in the 2016 Built for Change report which features companies that are employing unique strategies to integrate people living at the base of the pyramid into the companies’ business operations.

Sep 16, 2016

Bridge International Academies

Bridge International Academies is an education organization founded in 2008 in Kenya, and grown to serve almost 100,000 students in over 470 locations in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and India. The company offers affordable, low-cost education to primary school children in underserved, low-income communities. The schools employ low-cost technology to provide teaching content to its teachers and to monitor the delivery of the content and teaching techniques on a real time basis. The company reaches more than 40 million customers in 15 countries in Africa and Asia. This case study is in the 2016 Built for Change report which features companies that are employing unique strategies to integrate people living at the base of the pyramid into the companies’ business operations.

Aug 1, 2015

Faculdade Mauricio de Nassau

Mauricio is a leading forprofit provider of undergraduate, graduate, and technical education programs in northern and northeastern Brazil. Founded in 2003 with one campus in the city of Recife in Pernambuco state, FMN now operates nine campuses across five states. FMN was one of the top 15 post-secondary education providers in Brazil in terms of sales in 2010.

May 1, 2014

Fundación Cardiovascular (FCV)

Established in 1986 as a nonprofit foundation by a group of cardiologists to address the more than 50% mortality rate due to cardiovascular diseases in eastern Colombia, FCV has grown to become the largest private sector health care network in the country. FCV offers tertiary level services at hospitals as well as telemedicine, training, manufacturing of hospital products, assembly of bioengineering equipment, and hospital management software among other areas.

Dec 1, 2013

Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios (Uniminuto)

Uniminuto is a rapidly growing not-for-profit tertiary education institution, established in 1990 in Bogotá, Colombia. Uniminuto offers affordable, high-quality technical, technological and university education. Its largest presence is at the principal Bogotá campus where 30% of its students attend school. Its national network reaches nearly 82,000 students in 48 locations in over 35 municipalities, with over 50% of its students enrolled in distance learning programs.

Aug 1, 2012

Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd., one of the largest private integrated healthcare groups in India, has broadened the reach of health services providers in India by establishing facilities in semi-urban and rural areas and using telemedicine for specialist referrals. To ensure healthcare is affordable to all, Apollo Reach hospitals treat both low- and high-income patients and charge fees based on their ability to pay. By 2015, the hospital group is expected to serve 400,000 patients per year, 30% of which earn less than $2 a day.

Aug 1, 2012

Duoc UC

Duoc UC is a non-profit, private institution of higher education with 13 campuses in Chile. Over 71,000 students enrolled in Duoc UC programs in 2012. 74% of students are the first in their families to receive higher education. Duoc UC focuses on affordability, with program costs significantly less than comparable university programs, and employability, with 80 courses relevant to labor markets. As a result, 81% of Duoc’s surveyed alumni are employed, most in the fields they studied.

Aug 1, 2012

Ideal Invest S.A.

Ideal Invest is the largest private student loan provider in Brazil with a portfolio of $65 million, having served over 24,000 students at 265 institutions in 24 states. More than 60% of students receiving loans are women, 62% of students come from families with less than $1,500 per month in household income, and 66% are the first in their families to go to college.

Aug 1, 2012

Trustco Finance

Trustco Finance (Pty) Ltd. provides education loans to students enrolled at the Institute for Open Learning (IOL)—the largest private distance-learning tertiary education institution in Namibia. Trustco Finance is located in Namibia’s capital, Windhoek, and has five branch offices and 50 staff. From 2005 to 2011, Trustco Finance registered over 55,000 loans. As of 2011, the company’s gross education loans amounted to $33 million. Typical loan amounts range from $125-$2,500, with repayment terms ranging from 12 to 60 months and averaging 29 months.

Apr 1, 2010


Anhanguera Educacional Participações S.A. (AESA) is Brazil’s leading private, for-profit professional education company. AESA is currently the largest post-secondary education institution in Brazil, with approximately 255,000 students distributed across 54 campuses and 450 distance learning centers, and an additional 500,000 students per year enrolled in its vocational and training programs. Through its network of campuses, distance learning and vocational raining centers, AESA is present in every Brazilian state.