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Case Studies: Sustainability Case Studies: Lessons Learned on Leading through Crisis and Recovering Stronger, June 2021

Research Study: Women on Board in Egypt: How Gender-Diverse Boards Bring Value to Egyptian Companies, July 2019

Research Study: Women on Board in Lebanon: How Gender-Diverse Boards Bring Value to Lebanese Companies, July 2019

Report: Trailblazers - Portraits of Female Business Leadership in Emerging and Frontier Markets, July 2019

Report: Women on Boards in Nigeria, June 2019

Study: Board Gender Diversity in ASEAN, June 2019

Directories: Women on Boards of Companies Listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange, 2nd edition, March 2019 | 1st edition, March 2018

Case Studies: We Lead: Women Who Drove Company Success in the Middle East and North Africa And How Good Corporate Governance Helped, March 2019

Research Study: Realizing Sustainability Through Diversity: The Case for Gender Diversity Among Sri Lanka’s Business Leadership, March 2019

Research Study: Women in Business Leadership Boost ESG Performance: Existing Body of Evidence Makes Compelling Case, Private Sector Opinion 42, December 2018

Research Study: Gender Diversity in Ghanaian Boardrooms, May 2018

Research Study: Gender Diversity in Jordan, October 2015

Research Study: Myths and Facts about Female Directors, Private Sector Opinion 37, May 2015

Research Study: Women on Corporate Boards in Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia and Serbia, May 2013

Focus 9: Women on Boards: A Conversation with Male Directors, July 2011

PSO 21: Optimizing Board Effectiveness with Gender Diversity: Are Quotas the Answer? June 2011

PSO 19: Diversity at the Head Table: Bringing Complementary Skills and Experiences to the Board, September 2010


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Women in Business Leadership – A Boost to ESG and the Triple Bottom Line, February 2019

Navigating Stereotyping and Unconscious Bias in the Workplace, March 2018


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Where are the Women in ECA Boardrooms? Ethical Boardroom, Winter 2019

Board Diversity in Southeast Asia, Ethical Boardroom, Autumn 2018

Hairline Cracks in the Glass Ceiling, Ethical Boardroom, Autumn edition 2017

Gender Diversity on MENA Boards, Ethical Boardroom, Summer 2017

So You Want to Add Women Directors to Your Board? Editorial Boardroom, Winter 2016


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A  Focus on Women: A Need for More women on Boards, April 2019

Bells Ring at Stock Exchanges Around the World to Promote Gender Equality, March 2018

Talk of Empowerment and Corporate Success at Seminars for Female Executives and Directors, June 2017

Gender Equality in Agribusiness Yields Bountiful Results, June 2017

IFC and Partners Ring Bells for Gender Equality Around the World, March 2017

Moving the Needle on Turkey’s Female Board Presence, March 2016

IFC Rings the Bell for Gender Equality, March 2016