Resolving Corporate Governance Disputes

To help companies manage and resolve corporate governance disputes more effectively, IFC has actively promoted the use of dispute resolution processes and techniques.

The Business Case

Most companies experience corporate governance conflicts or disputes, although they are less common for well-governed companies. These conflicts and disputes frequently involve the company’s shareholders, board directors and senior executives. It is essential for a company to implement dispute resolution processes and for the board directors to develop effective dispute resolution skills. Efficient dispute resolution is part of good risk management.

IFC’s Response

The IFC Corporate Governance Group, in partnership with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), has created two highly interactive courses for board directors:

Managing Conflicts and Difficult Conversations on the Board 
This course is designed to help directors understand board conflict and conflict styles and covers difficult scenarios that directors often encounter. It offers guidance and practical tips for how to have a difficult conversation; handle avoidance, high emotions, status issues; and breaking through deadlock— and how to apply these skills specifically in a board context.

Chairing Skills for Board and Committee Chairs 
This course aims to equip chairs with skills to maintain control of the proceedings and facilitate decision making by stimulating focused debate, ensuring that genuine disagreements are aired and resolved.



April 2018