Media Training Program on Corporate Governance Reporting

IFC launched its Media Training Program in 2007 to build up journalists' capacity to report on corporate governance matters. This program has three objectives: to raise public awareness of corporate governance through the media; to improve journalists' investigative skills on corporate governance issues; and, to encourage them to promote corporate governance best practices in emerging markets. There are four training components:

Approaching editors: Journalists discuss how they pitch their editors to publish stories about corporate governance and their strategies for building good relationships with editors

Investigative skills: Journalists share their experiences in investigating corporate governance issues, including their key information sources

Reading annual reports: Accounting experts teach participants how to interpret financial and non-financial information in company’s reports

Corporate governance basics: Speakers from national or international investment organizations share their perspectives and insights on the importance of corporate governance in investment decision-making

IFC launched the program in partnership with Thomson Reuters Foundation in 2007. In April 2009, the AFP Foundation also became a partner. Both foundations have been helping to bring journalists’ point of view to the program, and attract experienced international and local trainers for each workshop.

"The workshop has taught me that corporate governance is wider than I thought. It is about the way people act: using leadership, diligence, acting transparently and efficiently, among others qualities, to build better companies," said Cristina Sevillano del Aguila, workshop participant from Stakeholders Magazine (Peru), after completing the first day of the Media Training workshop.

Media Toolkits 

Who’s Running the Company: A Guide to Reporting on Corporate Governance aims at helping business journalists report on corporate governance and raise public awareness of the impact it has on businesses, shareholders, and the broader community of stakeholders. It was produced by former Global Corporate Governance Forum in partnership with the International Center for Journalists an organization that advances quality journalism worldwide.

Reporting on Corporate Governance: Training Resource Guide is based on our experience in the design and execution of media training workshops, we have compiled resources, templates, and guidelines into one place that organizers can use when launching, implementing, and monitoring similar events. You may adapt these tools for your own purposes and feel free to be creative when engaging journalists and the media in your own region or country.

For more information about this program, contact Marjorie Pavia at


Business Reporting Beyond Numbers - Looking for the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Corporate Governance 
This Lessons Learned aims to help business journalists track down corporate governance stories, ask the right questions to uncover critical information, and explain complex subjects to the public.

Thomson Reuters Foundation and Forum Train Journalists to Report on Corporate Governance Issues, December 2009 
This Lessons Learned article discusses the Forum's experience in running the program and maintaining a global network of journalists to provide them with continuous support after the workshops.

News and Corporate Governance: What Dow Jones and Reuters teach us about Stewardship? 
In this Private Sector Opinion paper, Donald Nordberg, a former senior editorial executive at Reuters who also worked as a consultant for Dow Jones, explores the governance of these two media giants.

Useful Links for Reporters

Thomson Reuters Foundation Reporter's Handbook - Good general reporting guide

Motley Fool - Excellent source of information, background, discussion boards and articles for business journalists

Business news resources

Transparency International - Contains some useful policy papers on corporate governance and anti-corruption


March 2017