The State of Gender Equality in Corporate Leadership: Market Monitors for Latin America, G20, Regional

The United Nations Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) initiative in partnership with IFC and UN Women have produced these three market monitors to present a ranking of stock exchanges based on gender balance of issuers’ boards in Latin America, G20, and regional markets. These short reports confirm that awareness is growing among exchanges about the role they play in advancing gender equality. But a look at the number of women in leadership positions in all these markets shows that there is room for improvement. Exchanges, regulators, listed companies, and other capital market stakeholders play a key role in promoting gender equality by strengthening market performance and promoting gender-focused products. The data can serve as a benchmark for their efforts to promote women’s full and effective participation in, and equal opportunities for, corporate leadership positions.

Gender equality in corporate leadership (Regional Analysis)This Market Monitor provides an analysis of gender equality on the boards and in the leadership positions at the top issuers by market capitalization on 35 stock exchanges across 7 regions or country groupings around the world. This review of 3,246 publicly listed companies provides exchanges, policy makers and other stakeholders with an insight into the state of gender equality in companies listed worldwide. The data serves as a benchmark for exchanges and other relevant institutions against which they may measure efforts to promote gender equality on boards in their markets.


Gender equality in corporate leadershipThis Market Monitor is an update of the 2021 monitor, and provides an analysis of gender equality on the boards and in leadership positions at the top 100 issuers by market capitalization on 22 major G20 stock exchanges. This annual review of 2,171 companies provides exchanges with the state of gender equality in the leadership positions in companies listed on their markets and shows how markets have either progressed or declined in gender balance since the previous year’s analysis. Additional data is also provided on markets that have rules for the mandatory minimum number of women on corporate boards.


Análisis de la igualdad de género en los directorios corporativos latinoamericanosEn este informe, se analiza la igualdad de género en cargos de liderazgo entre los emisores de nueve de las bolsas de valores más grandes de América Latina y se clasifican las bolsas en función de la diversidad de género de los órganos directivos de sus emisores. Además, se proporciona información adicional acerca de los cargos de presidente y CEO ocupados por mujeres. Este análisis de 727 empresas públicas informa a las bolsas, a los formuladores de políticas y a otros grupos de interés el estado de la igualdad de género en los puestos de liderazgo de empresas que cotizan en bolsa en mercados de América Latina. Para las bolsas y otras instituciones pertinentes, estos datos sirven como referencia para medir los esfuerzos en términos de promoción de la igualdad de género en sus mercados.

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