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Driving Toward Equality: Women, Ride-Hailing, and the Sharing Economy

The report explores how women and men participate in ride-hailing, particularly in emerging markets. Using data from Uber and survey results of more than 11,000 drivers and riders, the report sheds light on how the emergence of ride-hailing is affecting women's work and mobility and how companies across the sharing economy can ensure women's equal participation and gain.

Tackling Childcare: The Business Case for Employer-Supported Childcare

The report discusses how companies can analyze their workforce to identify the type of childcare support they can offer to their employees—from on-site childcare to subsidies—that best suits their needs. The report draws on 10 case studies of companies around the world offering various childcare options, highlighting how investments in employer-supported childcare can strengthen the bottom line.

Investing in Women: New Evidence for the Business Case

A growing body of evidence shows how companies can benefit from investing in women as employees, entrepreneurs, customers, and community partners. Such investments help companies in several ways, from broadening the talent pool to increasing productivity, providing an opportunity to transform local and global markets.

The report demonstrates how IFC clients, including banks and agribusiness companies, have benefited from developing and implementing gender-smart solutions.

SheWorks Knowledge Report: Putting Gender-Smart Commitments into Practice

This report marks the completion of the IFC-led SheWorks global private sector partnership to advance employment opportunities and improve working conditions for more than 300,000 women by 2016. It consolidates the knowledge, best practices, and lessons learned during the two-year SheWorks partnership so that other companies committed to investing in women’s employment can benefit as well. The report also captures, on an aggregate level, the progress made by SheWorks member companies towards realizing their commitments.

Investing in Women along Agribusiness Value Chains

The report calls on the private sector to invest in closing gaps between men and women in agribusiness. It focuses on four different stages of a simplified value chain and helps companies identify potential benefits from closing gender gaps on each stage.

She for Shield: Insure Women to Better Protect All

Globally, the socioeconomic status of women, their decision-making ability, and their power to influence household spending is increasing. Women now tend to earn more and have better control of their assets, helping their families and communities prosper—while contributing to overall economic growth. Yet, despite these advances, women’s ability to mitigate financial risk for themselves, their families, and their assets remains low.

The Insurance industry can play a major role in addressing this gap and earn up to $1.7 trillion by 2030 from women alone—half of it in emerging economies if they target women, according to IFC’s 2015 SheforShield Report. Hence, IFC is partnering with the private sector to better serve the market and increase financial protection and risk-mitigation mechanisms for women and women-owned SMEs.

Unlocking Opportunities For Women and Business: A Toolkit of Actions and Strategies for Oil, Gas, and Mining Companies

IFC’s new gender toolkit provides practical, detailed tools to help companies to assess and address obstacles to equality and inclusion in the workplace, across the supply chain, and in community engagement and investment. It includes easy-to-use techniques to transform a broad gender strategy into a supportive working reality for women and men. The toolkit includes an executive summary, plus four standalone thematic tool suites that can be used individually or mixed and matched into a broader corporate strategy.






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