Henriette Kolb

Gender, Private-Sector Development
and Entrepreneurship

Marième Esther Dassanou

Sector Lead
Financial Markets, Insurance
and Entrepreneurship

Sammar Essmat

Gender and Private Sector Specialist,
Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa


Nathalie Hoffmann

Gender Specialist, Agriculture, Childcare and Employment

Amy Luinstra

Gender Coordinator EAP
Employment, Supply Chain, Agriculture and Gender-Based Violence

Heather Kipnis

Entrepreneurship Lead
Access to Finance, SMEs, Business-Skills Training

Rudaba Zehra Nasir

Global Lead
Tackling Childcare and Employment

Alexa Roscoe

Digital Economy Lead

Priyanka Tayal

Strategy Lead

Ellen Maynes

Gender Operations Officer

Prapti Sherchan

Operations Officer
Women's Insurance, Access to Finance

Bhattiprolu B. Murti

Communication Lead

Anne Njambi Kabugi

Gender Lead, Africa

Shalaka Joshi

Gender Lead, South Asia

Fayana Willie

Program Assistant
Event Planning, Travel, Logistics