IFC’s work takes place around the globe, drawing on a staff representing people of over 150 nationalities who work out of over 90 countries. Their unique insights and perspectives are the cornerstone of our development work.

Reflecting the diversity of our clients and driving an inclusive workplace

At IFC, we recognize the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce. We know that a broad range of outlooks and experiences is good for our business as it allows us to better serve our clients. We also know it creates a working environment where all benefit from the vigorous exchange of ideas. At IFC, we value the differences that make each of us unique—differences in nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical ability, and more. This rich array helps us mirror the world at large—as well as the people we serve. But it does far more. Evidence shows that diversity in the workforce drives innovation.

We are committed to position IFC as a leader in corporate diversity and inclusion—in alignment with what we expect from our clients and partners. This includes fostering an inclusive work environment for all staff to perform at their full potential; and attracting, developing, and retaining a diverse talent pool.

We support diversity targets that move beyond business as usual. In 2018 IFC became the first international institution to receive the global EDGE certification—acknowledging our efforts on gender equality. We have a strong commitment to recruiting underrepresented groups and promoting gender parity, as well as supporting staff to understand and overcome the unconscious biases that could hold us back in this regard.

IFC is committed to creating an inclusive work environment where staff are free of fear, stigma, or intolerance. We believe that a workplace that is characterized by openness, trust, and respect will lead to higher motivation, more creativity, and innovative solutions for our clients. IFC supports a suite of trainings, programs and initiatives to attain our inclusivity goals.

Supporting Community Involvement

IFC encourages and supports staff, consultants, and retirees to support nonprofit organizations (NGOs) around the world, whether through financial contributions or volunteering. For over 15 years, the Community Connections Campaign (CCC) has allowed World Bank Group staff and retirees to donate to their favorite NGOs and have their gifts matched by the World Bank Group. Together, we have generated over $50 million to organizations fighting poverty and boosting shared prosperity in the Washington, DC metropolitan region and, increasingly, around the world. Over 80 percent of headquarters staff participate in this annual fundraising campaign, and staff in nearly 30 countries raised funds for NGOs in their local community.

All staff have eight hours of paid annual leave to volunteer with the NGO of their choice. Staff have volunteered as mentors, teachers, technical advisors, advocates, coaches, board members, and more. Teams and departmental volunteering days serve as teambuilding while giving back to our local communities. In addition, IFC’s network of nearly 200 global Footprint Champions host a range of community-oriented activities in their offices. Activities have included fundraising to support local charities, environmental education for children and adults, and donation drives ranging from school supplies to food to winter clothing.