IFC Conference: “Evaluating the Development Impact of Private Sector Operations”

The first IFC-organized conference on evaluating the development impact of private sector operations was just held on March 2nd in Paris, France. The conference was well-attended with participants from 24 organizations covering bilateral donors, MDBs, and IFIs.

The conference focused on three thematic areas: economic growth, jobs supported, and looking forward. Besides good high energy discussions on methods and findings, a key outcome of the event was the expressed high level of interest within the community to come together to better meet the demand for evidence. The event was seen to be a new start for a more collaborative community around PSD evaluations, mindful of sometimes different individual organizational needs. For more information, contact Deepa Chakrapani at DChakrapani@ifc.org or Christian Rosenholm at CRosenholm@ifc.org

Conference Program