JUNE 10, 2022

Hewlett Packard: Amplifying the Sustainable Build

The question of how to be sustainable when you work in 170 countries with a 170 different sets of laws, rules, resources and cultures requires looking beyond the doors of your factory. 

For Hewlett Packard, everything they do starts with three pillars: climate, human rights and digital equity, but Ellen Jackowski, HP's Chief Impact Officer and Head of Sustainable Impact, says that's just the start. 

For HP to reach net zero by 2030 and reduce their absolute footprint by 50% they need buy-in across all aspects of their $50 billion dollar supply chain. That's what their Amplify Impact program is about. But even that won't do it. Jackowski believes that you need to work with municipalities to develop the type of green infrastructure that allows a company like HP to reduce their footprint. That's why they joined the Clean Energy Demand Initiative.