IFC Climate Business Forum 2020



FEBRUARY 18-19, 2020




IFC and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority are pleased to announce the 6th Annual IFC Climate Business Forum, in Hong Kong, February 18-19, 2020.


Climate change has moved from the periphery to the core of corporate strategy. Smart leaders know that change means new opportunities. It means positioning your business at the forefront of innovation—in technology and overall business strategy.

The two-day event will showcase best practices in green banking and sustainable business. Business executives and thought leaders will present innovations in climate-smart technologies and business models, share experiences, and discuss leading solutions to green your business. A shift to low-carbon, resilient economies could translate into $23 trillion investments globally through to 2030. Be part of the momentum that drives the shift and harnesses these opportunities to grow your business.

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Climate is My Business, Our Business

In this short inspirational video, delegates who came from all corners of the globe tell you why climate is their business.