Reports on Trainings for Better Pesticide Management in Soy Farming (in Portuguese)

Reducing the use of pesticides and other agrotoxins commonly used (and overused) in soy farming is one of the key goals of Solidaridad's efforts to help soy farmers in Brazil. Not only are agrotoxins, especially when used without proper safeguards or training, very dangerous to the health of soy farming families, they are also a major contributor to environmental degradation the areas surrounding soy farms. For this reason, Solidaridad ran four field demonstrations of better management practices for using and handling 'Agrotoxicos' in their project area, the Capanema Municipality. The trainings, coupled with the organic zero-till trials, helped the Capanema project area become the lowest class user of agrochemicals in the region. Producers participating in the project have effectively abandoned the use of the Stockholm and Rotterdam conventions-listed agrochemicals.