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Sub-Saharan Africa

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Investment Climate

Like other parts of the developing world, Africa still has many barriers that block investment — tangling entrepreneurs in red tape, keeping them from creating jobs. Removing them one by one is an essential step on the road to stronger private sector development.

This is a core focus area for IFC. Working in close collaboration with the World Bank and our donor partners, we help African governments enact pro-business reforms that foster open and competitive markets, clearing a path for the growth of healthier, more vibrant local business communities.

Our ongoing support helps Africa’s reform leaders build on their good progress to date, while also igniting the process in those that have so far lagged behind. 

This support is driven by three broad strategic priorities:

  • Fostering enterprise creation and growth by reducing barriers to business entry, expansion, and exit
  • Facilitating international trade and investment by improving trade logistics systems, investment policies and regulations, and supporting more effective and transparent business taxation mechanisms 
  • Unlocking sustainable investment in key industries in fragile and conflict-affected states

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