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2014 Annual Event

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Contributing to best practice in Sub-Saharan Africa

While the specific aim of the Partnership for Financial Inclusion is to bring financial services to an estimated 5.3 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa in five years, the program hopes to make an even larger and broader contribution to the evolving microfinance and mobile financial services industries on the continent by publicly sharing research and lessons learnt from the program. The ultimate objective is to find ways to accelerate the growth of industry solutions that deliver financial services to the poor.

IFC will track the performance of the program projects through close monitoring of outcomes, and evaluation of impact on end-users. Lessons learnt will be synthesized in a combination of topical research, case studies and evaluations that will be published on the website and through knowledge partners like CGAP and the World Bank. The Partnership will also host a series of roundtable meetings with program clients, and knowledge sharing events with the broader development community.

There are three specific learning questions that the Partnership focus on, the details of which are briefly explored in the two program research sections on our Resources page.

    1.) What are the key determinants of scale and outreach for microfinance institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa?
    2.) Do mobile and agent banking channels accelerate growth and delivery of microfinance?
    3.) What are the key drivers for successful uptake of mobile financial services?

Contributing to the global community of practice in microfinance and mobile financial services is a priority for IFC and The MasterCard Foundation. IFC’s Mobile Money Toolkit is a repository for internal and external documents and tools, supporting the latest best practice thinking in mobile financial services development. The New Microfinance Handbook, published by the World Bank in February 2013 in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation, is regarded the single most comprehensive guide to the rapidly evolving microfinance industry. You can find links to these and other relevant research on our Resources page. 

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