Sanitation and Safe Water for All

Sanitation and Safe Water for All is an advisory services program designed to support market-based approaches with the potential to expand access to safe water and sanitation products and services for underserved consumers.




Water Business Kit Kenya: A guide to starting your own water treatment and vending business


Water Business Kit KenyaThis Water Business Kit is published jointly by IFC and Aquaya. It is intended to provide small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs with a step-by-step guide to developing a water treatment and vending business in Kenya. Such businesses have been observed to serve customers in many parts of the world with high-quality, treated drinking water. These businesses represent the efforts of independent, local entrepreneurs to meet consumer demand for treated drinking water. Although the kit is based on research and information collected for Kenya, the guidance may be relevant to businesses in other countries.


The Water Business Kit is the result of 18 months of business research in Kenya, which included support for the establishment of six demonstration water treatment and vending businesses. The kit answers they key question: ‘Why should you open your own water treatment and vending business?’ and goes on to provide a practical ‘How To’ guide for entrepreneurs. 


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The Market for Water Treatment and Vending Enterprises in Kenya 

SSAWA Market Brief, No. 2


This market brief provides an overview of water-treatment kiosks that are targeting middle-and high-income consumers in Kenya, and reviews evidence on the potential for such business models to deliver safe, affordable drinking water to lower-income segments. This research was developed as a partnership between IFC’s Sanitation and Safe Water for All (SSAWA) and the Aquaya Institute.


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The Market for Small Scale Piped Water Systems in Kenya 

SSAWA Market Brief, No. 1




The intention of this market study by IFC, conducted in collaboration with WSP, is to support the scale up of commercial financing small "community" water systems in Kenya’s rural and peri-urban areas by identifying the full scale of the market potential for small piped water systems, and recommending ways to address barriers in the market.


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Safe Water for All - Harnessing the Private Sector to Reach the Underserved

IFC has been working with leading academics/experts to identify innovative safe water technology solutions/business models serving base of the pyramid markets and the challenges they face in scaling up. This report is based on a survey conducted in four countries — Kenya, Uganda, India, and China — and includes several recommendations for IFC and its private sector partners on how to better support the nearly 900 million people around the world who lack adequate access to improved water sources.


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Safe Water for All Factsheet  952KB SmartLessons - Bringing Water to Where It is Needed Most  4.31MB