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Lina Nadar

Student at Al Quds College, which is run by IFC partner Luminus Education

I’m a 22-year-old Syrian from Tawalod, Rif Dimashq. I came to Jordan three-and-a-half years ago with my family. My elder sister has been living in Amman for over 10 years, so she was able to bring us here. She managed to find us a house in the Abu Nussair area. I used to study chemistry at Syria University and I finished my first year. Then we were forced to leave the country and come to Jordan. In Jordan, life is different and more expensive, especially education. So I decided to look for a different field of study to keep myself on the educational track. Now I study graphic design and multimedia at Al Quds College, part of their funded programs for refugees. Graphic design is a great field for women, especially those who have been displaced. You can work from home, or after class. It also requires creativity and it is an art. This is what I love.

For a time, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to continue my education. When I heard about Luminus, I decided to apply. The company offers programs for Syrian students who dropped out of college and wish to continue their education. I applied and got approved for a scholarship. Applying to Al Quds College was very easy and the process took about a week. I matched the entrance criteria and was able to enroll in the designing course. I finished Level 3 (which ran for about 10 months) and I am now in Level Five. I still have 18 months before I finish.

Studying here changed me greatly. We study soft skills that help us get better at communicating, presenting, and speaking other languages. This made me feel more confident when dealing with other people. This was not the only support I received from Al Quds College. Now I also volunteer at the university on part-time basis as a receptionist at the front office. I help Syrian refugees and Jordanians enroll in educational courses.

I had high hopes in life and I wish to go back to my hometown where all my friends and relatives are. We’re still in contact. However, until this happens, I aim to finish my graphic and multimedia studies here, and see if I can find a job. People in Jordan are very friendly. I didn’t face any hostility nor did any of my family members. I seek success in whatever I do. I’ve started already doing some freelance design work alongside my studies. I know I am still young, but in five years’ time, I want to be a well-known graphic designer.

Al Quds College was established 35 years ago and is part of the Luminus Education Group. It offers vocational two year diploma programs in different areas that are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education. Al Quds College aims to raise the level of vocational and technical training to best international standards. It also provides locally accredited career development programs (four to nine months) to individuals who have not graduated from high school or who are looking for a career change. To date, over 40,000 students have graduated from Al Quds. In 2015, IFC and other investors invested $18 million to help Luminus Education diversify its offerings and expand both locally and regionally.