Imran Khan, Pakistan

Shopowner and a beneficiary of an IFC program to expand solar-powered lighting systems.

I live in Jacobabad and run a small shop where I sell mobile airtime and phone cases. I also download songs and ringtones to customers' phones. My parents and four siblings, one younger brother and three sisters, depend on my income.

The power here is unreliable and there are two-hour outages every 2 hours. Customers would leave if there is no electricity at the shop. Therefore, I got (this) solar system about two months ago at the advice of a friend. It is easy for us to pay for the system in monthly installments.

Some people use solar devices in the market, but their lights don’t have a good battery backup so the systems don’t work at night. Also, none of the other lighting products available here have warranties. I have told many in my social circle to get the system installed, and they are interested.

With the system I can even charge mobile phones for customers when there is no light, and earn a charging fee.

Since I have installed the system in my store, my sales have increased by 20 percent. The extra income is a big plus and has made my life easier.