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Baigazy Omorov

Farmer and participant in IFC pilot project

I was born in the village of Korumdu and have been living here for 61 years. My six children were born and raised here. I have five daughters and one son. Before the break-up of the Soviet Union, I worked at a state-owned farm. I was a chief zoologist meaning that I was responsible for lots of things, like feeding and breeding animals.

Now I have my own farm. It includes 17 dairy cows, a number of horses, oxen and sheep, and over 2,000 chickens. The farm has become quite profitable and it helps me to support my large family.

I was thinking of expanding the farm and making it more up-to-date. That's when I heard about and IFC project that was helping farmers in the area increase their milk production.

With the advice of pasture management specialists, who told us to cut hay earlier than we usually do, we were able to stock very high-quality feed. After introducing the improved feed, and more proteins and starches, as suggested by IFC experts, we saw good results in just a couple of weeks. Milk productivity increase almost by 30 per cent.

One other piece of advice I received was to establish a rotating grazing paddock with an electric fence. I am very excited, as we have just installed the electric fencing. I look forward to getting more recommendations from the project’s specialists. They say I can increase milk production even more.