Renewable Energy Policy in Russia: Waking the Green Giant

This green paper is intended to contribute to the ongoing debate on renewable energy policy in Russia. It provides information about policy developments for potential investors and other stakeholders. More importantly, it considers the following questions: i) why should Russia support investment in renewable energy? ii) should it do so urgently? and iii) how might these investments be facilitated? Conclusions and recommendations are preliminary; further analysis will be carried out based on the feedback from stakeholders.

The paper starts by looking at the place of renewable energy on the broader national policy agenda and in the energy sector. It then describes the current status of renewables policy development. It concludes by examining different elements that must be taken into account when fine-tuning the renewable energy policy. The paper highlights relevant experience from other countries, mainly European Union members. The main focus of the paper is on the wholesale market. Investment opportunities in retail markets and distributed generation will be analysed in more detail in the future.


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