Boyner Group’s Supply Chain Strengthens Women in Business

With only 16 percent of SMEs in Turkey majority-owned by women, it is a country with a low level of female entrepreneurship. Yet if women participated fully in the economy of the country, it would have greater growth potential. The Turkish Gross National Income could increase by 22 percent if gender gaps in labor participation were closed. To address the gap between men and women in its supply chain, the Boyner Group, which is the country’s largest retail corporation, together with IFC began developing the Supply Chain Women Entrepreneurs’ Empowerment Program (familiarly known as the “Good for Business” program) in late 2014. Good for Business aligns with the Boyner Group supplier-optimization strategy, which is designed to build capacity within its supply chain and to create closer relationships with selected vendors in a strategic partnership. The Boyner Group is keen to ensure that its cadre of “strategic suppliers” include women-led business.

To download the case study click here [PDF]. A short version is available here [PDF].