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Solomon Islands Tourism Industry Guides for Investors and Government

Solomon Islands has taken a key step in advancing its tourism industry with the launch of a series of guides for investors and the government, to ensure this vital sector remains a long-term driver of job creation, sustainable economic growth and benefits for many people. With the launch of these comprehensive guides, the Solomon Islands Government and IFC have set out clear explanations of how to invest in land for tourism development, how to identify and select land, and have indicated a selection of potential tourism development locations.

Tourism is an important part of the Solomon Islands economy. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, it accounted for 10.5 percent of GDP and generated revenue of US$132.8 million. Notwithstanding setbacks caused by the pandemic, the government is committed to building up the tourism industry and elevating the archipelago to be a prime Pacific Islands tourist destination.

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Solomon Islands Tourism: Investor Guide
The Solomon Islands Tourism: Investor Guide has been developed to help investors understand the process of investing in land for tourism development projects. It provides practical information to help investors understand registered land leases and development.


Solomon Islands Tourism: Western Province Investable Sites
Over 60 sites with potential for tourism development are showcased in the Solomon Islands Tourism: Western Province Investable Sites portfolio.


Solomon Islands Tourism: Investable Site Identification and Selection
The Solomon Islands Tourism: Investable Site Identification and Selection guide was developed to help the government to continue to identify investable sites across the nation, drawing on expertise built by the Solomon Islands’ Ministry of Culture and Tourism and IFC teams.


The launch of these guides follows the release in 2021 of Boosting Tourism: Environmental and Social Diagnostic Study for the Tourism Sector in Solomon Islands’ Western Province, which gives investors an overview of the potential environmental and social risks, impacts, and opportunities of the investable sites identified.