CG Focus

CG Focus is a regular installment produced by the IFC Corporate Governance Group in Indonesia to provide IFC clients with insights into the evolving corporate governance landscape in Indonesia and advocate the adoption of leading governance practices. IFC is committed to ensuring environmental and social sustainability while promoting good corporate governance to help companies improve their capacity to manage risks and ultimately contribute to private sector growth and job creation.

IFC Corporate Governance Group in Indonesia provides targeted advisory services to assist companies to address governance challenges, improve performance and efficiency, and mitigate risk while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. With over two decades of experience improving corporate governance practices across various regions and industries, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients thrive and lead in their respective sectors.

Improving Information Disclosure
Issue 5 | January 2018
Improving Board Effectiveness
Issue 3 | July 2017
Protecting Shareholder Rights
How to Add Value to the AGM and Improve Communication with Shareholders
Issue 2 | March 2017
‘Comply or Explain’ Disclosure Statement
How to Implement the OJK-Corporate Governance Guideline for Public Companies
Issue 1 | November 2016