Telling Our Story

The Telling Our Story series puts a human face on IFC's work, featuring short profiles of leading projects and the people whose lives they improve.




The new issue focuses on IFC's role in one of the world's biggest issues: jobs.

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Climate Change


The new issue focuses on IFC's role in the fight against climate change.

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This issue focuses on IFC’s support for Africa, where commitments may reach a record $3.7 billion this year.

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This issue focuses on IFC’s support for Infrastructure, with a special focus on Africa.

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Women & Business


This issue focuses on how IFC is working with strategic partners to identify innovative approaches to promote women in business and helping create opportunities to transform local and global markets. 

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Small & Medium Enterprise


This issue focuses on how IFC is working with the G-20 and other partners to drive job creation by one of the most important forces in emerging-market economies, SMEs.

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Renewable Energy


This issue shows how IFC helps increase access to energy while reducing emissions—supporting greater use of wind, solar, geothermal, hydro, biomass, and biogas power.


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Inclusive Business


This booklet shows how IFC supports clients investing in inclusive business models—offering critical goods, services, and livelihoods to the poor in financially sustainable, scalable ways.


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Climate Change: Filling the Financing Gap


This booklet focuses on IFC's work in climate change, highlighting leading projects from all regions and explaining our role in filling the financing gap.


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Upside in Emerging Markets


This issue focuses on how IFC is creating opportunity where it's needed most, demonstrating the upside that comes when private sector growth also improves people's lives.


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Crisis Response: A Global Partner in Times of Change

This booklet highlights IFC's initiatives to help private enterprises in emerging markets cope with the global financial and economic crises.

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Focus, Delivery, Results: IFC and the Issues of Today

This issue shows how IFC is responding to some of today's toughest issues in business and development, including the food prices crisis, climate change, and the challenge of scaling up microfinance.

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Frontier Focus: IFC in the World's Poorest Countries

This collection of stories shows how IFC's work is helping the private sector expand its reach in the world's poorest countries and improve people's lives.


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Innovating for Global Impact


This collection of stories demonstrates the power of the private sector—an effective driver of economic growth, job creation, and poverty reduction in the developing world.


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