Postcards from the Hallways: Sustainability is Opportunity



Sustainability is critical to companies’ business success. It’s critical, too, for their customers, surrounding communities, broader stakeholders, and the environment.

IFC helps clients understand and manage their environmental, social, and corporate governance risks. We partner with industry and other stakeholders to find innovative solutions that open up opportunities for economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable private investment—all of which, in turn, contribute to job creation and inclusive growth.

IFC’s Performance Standards spell out how IFC and our clients can devise business solutions that are good for business, good for investors, and good for the environment and local communities.

IFC’s standards are a global benchmark for sustainability practices. Some 90 financial institutions in 37 countries have adopted the Equator Principles, which are based on these standards. IFC’s framework for managing corporate-governance risk has also been adopted by 34 development finance institutions for use in their investment processes.

Over the past decade, an estimated $4.5 trillion in investments in emerging markets have adhered to IFC’s standards or principles inspired by them.


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IFC’s environmental, social, and governance support helps clients reach their long-term business goals, improve relations with stakeholders and local communities, and boost brand value and recognition.


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