Postcards from the Hallways: Sustainability



Smart companies manage today’s resources with tomorrow’s users in mind. This is the approach IFC brings to Myanmar.

IFC is there, connecting the government, private sector, and civil society to build a holistic framework for future hydropower development: one that can work for everybody.

Part of a larger World Bank Group initiative, we come as both investor and adviser, using our world-class environmental and social standards to support sustainability. They help attract the right private investors—sustainability-driven hydro developers whose capital and expertise can tap local waterways’ power potential while protecting critical ecosystems and sharing the benefits with local communities.

We’re new to Myanmar, but we’re there to stay. We want to lead by example. Our sustainable hydro program is based on years of learning about what works—sometimes, the hard way.

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Private participation is essential.

IFC has invested $1.3 billion in private sector hydro projects worldwide over the last decade.


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