Postcards from the Hallways: Infrastructure



It’s a fact: Iraq’s public sector lacks the resources to finance reconstruction. But when they earn IFC’s stamp of approval, local and regional companies can play a vital role.

Iraqi firm Mass Global Energy Sulimaniya received $375 million from IFC to expand its existing gas-fired power station in the Kurdistan Region and build a new one near Baghdad.

Together, the two projects will provide power to 3 million people.

Our financing package includes $125 million mobilized from longtime client Bank Audi of Lebanon, which is making its first major investment in Iraq.

Deals like this have a demonstration effect. They open the door to greater private investment in places where years of war and neglect have hobbled the energy infrastructure, disrupting daily life and holding back development.

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Private participation is essential.

IFC invested $2 billion in infrastructure in fiscal 2015, increasing access to power, transportation, and water.


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