Postcards from the Hallways: The Health-Care Challenge

Photo: © Regency Healthcare



Improving health standards is critical to fighting poverty and inequality in India, where a third of the population lacks access to quality care today.

IFC takes on the challenge, extending the private sector’s reach. Our investment clients include Apollo Health and Lifestyle Limited, which is opening 1,000 new facilities in several lowincome states, and Regency Hospital, which is expanding its network in India’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh. We also have a technology acceleration platform, TechEmerge, that spurs sustainable innovation—for example, introducing a mobile app to help diabetes patients monitor their conditions by phone or tablet and receive instant advice from health-care providers.

IFC also advises governments on health in some of India’s poorest states. Working with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, we helped Bihar make government payments to health workers and beneficiaries more efficient, transparent, and timely. In Meghalaya, we helped the government identify a new private health insurance provider that introduced universal coverage—benefiting the entire state population of 3 million, most of whom
previously lacked coverage.

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IFC has a more than $5 billion committed portfolio in India, our single largest country exposure.


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