Postcards from the Hallways: Good Roads for Growing Economies



Efficient transport links are essential to the smooth flow of people and goods. Just ask Ravi Sharma.

Milk from his village, Doodhli, now gets to market in half the time it used to, traveling on the modern, privately financed Jaipur-Mahua toll road. It allows faster, fresher milk delivery, increasing incomes for local dairy farmers like Ravi. And everyone in the village benefits from the well-lit road’s improved security and better access to medical facilities.

IFC provided $250 million debt and equity to Singapore-based Cube Highways, which in 2014 acquired the 109-km (68-mile) Jaipur-Mahua toll road that operates on a long-term government concession. IFC leveraged its equity four fold, attracting U.S.-based private-equity fund I Squared Capital as a co-investor.

Cube Highways specializes in acquiring these kinds of projects, providing much-needed funds for road developers to complete their projects and improve safety. It’s just one of the many ways IFC makes an impact in infrastructure.


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IFC focuses on supporting private infrastructure projects whose innovative, high-impact business models can be widely replicated.


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