Postcards from the Hallways: Sustainable Supply Chains



India’s small-scale farmers feel the effects of climate change. Lacking good information about today’s rising temperatures, longer summers, and erratic rainfall, they often do not know how to respond—leaving them vulnerable to serious productivity and income declines.

IFC client—India’s largest online food and grocery store, with 7 million registered customers—is addressing the issue square-on. Based in Bangalore, it offers technology solutions to support fruit and vegetable growers in its supply chain. Its Farmer Connect program bridges the information gap, sending timely crop advisories via mobile phone. These advisories help farmers improve operations and better forecast yields. They are based on satellite data that a local technology partner collects and customizes via artificial intelligence.

Bigbasket’s program reaches all 1,500 of its suppliers, improving efficiencies by 30 percent. That means improved margins for the company, higher prices for the farmers, and lower prices for consumers. The story is profiled in IFC’s new report Making Agriculture Climate-Smart: A Business Perspective from South Asia.


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IFC client's technology solutions give farmers updates on weather and market conditions.


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