Postcards from the Hallways: Student Loan Finance


Student Loan Finance

Private sector solutions are essential: for example, in helping lower- and middle-income youth increase their earning power.

Coming from a modest background, Camila Brandão Macedo couldn’t afford law school without student loans. When the government program had to turn her down last year amid budget cuts, she nearly had to drop out of a program she loved.

Then an innovative IFC student loan finance client, Ideal Invest, took another look, finding a good way to finance her studies. She stayed in school—and is on her way to a successful career that will take her to the next economic level.

Ideal has reached 50,000 more students like Camila since receiving IFC’s $7 million investment in 2009.

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IFC was the first multilateral to target the private sector’s role in emerging market education. Our $770 million education portfolio boosts students’ job prospects worldwide.


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