Postcards from the Hallways: Agro-Innovation



Yuriy Berezovsky was one of Ukraine’s first private farmers, starting in 1993 at age 23. With his wife, Natalya, he built a business that now cultivates 4,000 hectares, employing 40 people.

But hard times came in 2014, when local economic conditions made it difficult to borrow money, Always an innovator, he became one of the first participants in IFC’s risk-sharing facility with Raiffeisen Bank Aval and Bayer, which financed purchases of essential seeds and pesticides. IFC advisory services also introduced him to new technologies to help boost yields, raise productivity, and efficiency.

Today Yuriy’s farm is back on track. He plans to continue with his innovations—soon adding drone cameras to monitor his harvests.


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Since 2011 IFC has invested $845 million in agribusiness projects across the value chain in Ukraine.


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