IFC Wins Awards, Market Recognition for Bond Issues in Australia & New Zealand

Every year since 2007, KangaNews, a leading capital markets publication in Asia Pacific, invites investors and banks to vote for the best institutions in the Australian and New Zealand capital markets. The KangaNews awards are the only ones in the region that are based purely on market recognition. In 2011, more than 200 market participant firms cast their votes, and IFC earned two awards.


Our 1.5 billion Australian dollar 5-year “Kangaroo” bond issue in July 2011 received the “Supranational, Sovereign and Agency Bond Deal of the Year” award for that market. Since our first issue in the Australian market in 2007, we have focused on creating relatively few large-size issues in the longer maturities. This allows IFC to meet its need for medium-to-longer term funding while providing investors with liquid issues. It also makes IFC bond issues more attractive to investors, and today Australia is the second most important market for IFC after the U.S.-dollar market.  


IFC was also voted "Kauri Issuer of the Year" in recognition of our continued track record in the domestic New Zealand bond market. We have been active in the New Zealand market since 2007. In 2011, we became the largest supranational issuer in that market since January 2008, after issuing bonds worth 500 million New Zealand dollars.


IFC is the global leader among multilateral institutions in private sector development finance, accounting for about 30 percent of the financing committed by international financial institutions. We issue bonds in capital markets to raise funds that we lend to private sector companies in emerging markets. For example, funds raised by an IFC bond issue may support an agribusiness company in China or to help low-income families in Mexico access loans to buy homes.  


We also issue bonds that raise funds for specific projects. For example, our Green Bonds have raised $ 550 million for climate-friendly projects, and our microfinance bonds have raised $595 million to support lending to microenterprises in emerging markets.


In 2011, IFC raised around $10 billion in capital markets, and we expect to raise a similar amount in the markets in 2012.


We also support the development of emerging capital markets by issuing bonds in local currencies, and we have issued bonds in over 40 local currencies such as Brazilian reais, Central African francs, and Malaysian ringgit. Our local currency program enables us to lend to local companies in their currencies, which helps protect our clients if their local currency loses value against the U.S. dollar.


The KangaNews awards ceremony will take place in Sydney on March 21, 2012.


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