A Focus on Women of the Pacific


To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, we spoke to some of the region’s women for their take on the future of their countries and the major challenges ahead.


A Focus on Women: From Helping Make Women Safe to Mapping People Living in Drains

Born in Fiji, Alicia joined BSP Papua New Guinea in 2011. She has been the driving force behind a unique safe house concept since 2014 initially aiming to assist BSP female staff.

A Focus on Women: First Female Captain Urges Other Women to take to the Seas

Tanny was the first female captain in Solomon Islands, and now works as a manager for National Fisheries Development Ltd. Solomon Islands, the country’s only domestic based fishing company.

A Focus on Women: A Need for More Women on Boards

Krishika began her career with SPSE in 2009 moving up the ranks and was appointed as CEO in July 2017. As head of the exchange she plays a pivotal role in the strategic development of the exchange.

A Focus on Women: A Desire to See More Women in Power

Michelle Sanipati is the HR manager for Suva based business process outsourcing company, MindPearl which started operations in 1999, and opened in 2009 in the Fiji Islands, provides contact center services to some of the global iconic brands.

A Focus on Women: A Woman with her Name on the Title

Merian Numake is the owner-proprietor of  Tanna Evergreen Resort and Tours, on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu. Merien says she and her husband Samuel “started from scratch” 20 years ago with two workers.

A Focus on Women: Be the Change You can Be

That’s the advice from Ashika for aspiring women in the workforce. Ashika says her job involves providing support, coaching, and development to the corporate services teams.

A Focus on Women: A Passion for People and the Province

Maxine Nadile is an entrepreneur – and unusual. She’s one of two female directors working for a business in provincial Papua New Guinea, PNG.

A Focus on Women: A Lawyer’s View

In the Pacific, culture adds another layer to the challenges of achieving equality in the workplace. One of the ways of ultimately achieving equality, not only at work, is to incorporate human rights education in schools.