Comprehensive Japan Trust Fund (CJTF)

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The Comprehensive Japan Trust Fund (CJTF), established in 1995, supports International Finance Corporation (IFC) Upstream and Advisory activities in areas that Japan and IFC deem strategically important and that are expected to have a strong and wide-ranging development impact. The cumulative contribution from the Government of Japan to the CJTF signed to June 30, 2021 is US$279 million.

The CJTF currently supports a broad array of IFC activities that are aligned with Japan’s ODA priorities. Examples include:

  • Global Health: Support for IFC’s Global Health Platform, which is investing in companies to increase the supply of critical medical equipment and services in developing countries, including face masks, ventilators, testing kits, and vaccines
  • Qualify Infrastructure: Infrastructure initiatives that are aligned with the G20 Principles for Quality Infrastructure Investment, which were endorsed at the 2019 Osaka Summit
  • Africa: IFC activities in Africa, commensurate with Japan’s leadership through the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD)
  • Climate: IFC activities targeted at tackling the global climate challenge, such as climate risk advisory for emerging market financial institutions

CJTF in Action


  • Global Health Platform
    • IFC and Partners Support New COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturing Facility of Institut Pasteur de Dakar in Senegal (press release)
    • The Government of Japan highlighted their ongoing support for IFC’s Global Health Platform at the 104th World Bank-IMF Joint Development Committee (see October 2021 Statement of Japan; see also October 2020 Statement of Japan )
    • IFC Supports Nippon Chemiphar to Expand Businesses in Asia, Middle East and Africa Through a Feasibility Study (press release)
  • Climate
    • The Government of Japan noting ongoing support for IFC’s climate risk-advisory program at the 104th World Bank-IMF Joint Development Committee (see October 2021 Statement of Japan; see also April 2021, Statement of Japan )
  • Quality Infrastructure
    • Brazil
      • Tapping into Private Finance for More Resilient Water Systems (story)
    • Casablanca, Morocco
      • Morocco's Trams Fast-Track Progress (story)
      • Adding Tram Lines Throughout Morocco Serves Fast Growing Regions (video
    • Fes Meknes, Morocco
      • IFC Helps Morocco Improve Infrastructure, Combat COVID-19 (press release

  • Gender and Economic Inclusion
    • Gearing up for More Women Leaders in the Garment Sector in Vietnam (blog)
    • Harvesting Stability for India's Salt Farmers (story)
    • Building Inclusive Supply Chains (report)
    • Women Technopreneurs (report)
    • New Initiative to Drive Investments for Women Entrepreneurs in Armenia (Press Release)
    • “Mexican Companies for Equity” Program to Reduce Gender Gap (Press Release)

  • Uzbekistan
  • Creating Resilient Markets
    • Japan supports IFC cotton sector and fertilizer projects in Uzbekistan (media advisory)
    • “ESG Guidebook” for emerging markets (report)
    • Internal Control Handbook (report)
    • IFC helps to protect Zebu cattle in Madagascar through a modern tagging system (story)