IFC 2nd Global Manufacturing Conference


The 2nd IFC Global Manufacturing Conference brought together leading firms with a significant footprint in emerging markets, international experts, investors, and government officials to discuss opportunities, challenges, and experiences in harnessing technology for development.


Harnessing Technology
for Development

Conference participants discussed how technological evolution is changing product design and manufacture;
integrating supply chains and creating new value chains;
enabling the sustainable manufacturing of products with lower environmental impact;
allowing for leapfrogging of development stages in production, process or value chains; and impacting the labor force and support services needed. 

Networking, Learning, and Business Development

In a post conference survey of participants, networking came up top as the number one reason for attending, followed by program content, quality of speakers and opportunities to learn and build business.
"...at least three connections made leading to follow-up conversations”
"...great discussions and topics during panel discussions”
"...well organized and informative”


Video Highlights