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Apr 1, 2007

Solar Development Capital: Lessons Learned in Financing Solar Home Systems

This issue presents findings and lessons learnt from an April 2006 evaluation of the World Bank Group's Solar Development Capital initiative.

Apr 1, 2007

General Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines

The General Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Guidelines are designed to be used together with the relevant Industry Sector EHS Guidelines which provide guidance to users on EHS issues in specific industry sectors.

99 pages | © April 2007 IFC | Complimentary

Jan 1, 2007

Manual for the Development of Municipal Energy Efficiency Projects in India

A guide for municipalities, energy service companies (ESCOs), financial institutions to promote the implementation of energy efficiency programs in water supply and sewerage systems, street lighting, and municipal buildings.

Aug 1, 2005

Case Study Excerpt - Addressing Gender Impacts in Privatization of Kenya Railways

Selecting workers for retrenchment during workforce realignments can be a difficult task. Some selection criterion such as length of service or qualifications can still unfairly target particular groups, especially women in the workforce.

May 1, 2005

The ELI Story: Transforming Markets for Efficient Lighting

The report expounds on the goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, one light bulb at a time, by catalyzing vibrant markets for energy-efficient lighting across four continents and in seven countries.

Jan 1, 2001

Gender Equal Land Laws: Driving Businesses Forward

Not having comprehensive rights to land restricts the way in which land can be used as collateral for business borrowing, and both hampers credit markets and dampens the business environment in general.

Jan 1, 2001

Investing in People: Sustaining Communities Through Improved Business Practice

This Guide aims to further IFC's mission to "promote private sector investment in developing countries, which will reduce poverty and improve people's lives." It seeks to help interested companies by drawing on the community development experiences of some of the world's leading companies.