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Financial Markets:

German Vegarra, Senior Manager | Gvegarra@ifc.org

Global/Washington, DC:
Fang Chen, Investment Officer | FChen@ifc.org

Sub-Saharan Africa:
Robert Heffernan, Senior Investment Officer | RHeffernan@ifc.org

Hyung K. Ahn, Principal Investment Officer | Hahn@ifc.org

Middle East and North Africa:
Ketaki S. Bhagwati, Principal IO | KBhagwati@ifc.org

Latin America and the Caribbean:
Ramiro Garcia, Investment Officer | RGarcia2@ifc.org

Advisory Services:

Panayotis Varangis, Global Head, Access to Finance Products | Pvarangis@ifc.org

Davorka Rzehak, Program Manager | Drzehak@ifc.org

Risserne Gabdibe, Program Analyst | Rgabdibe@ifc.org

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